Born in Pescara in 1947, Roberto Cipollone (Ciro) still a child, spent his days in his fathers’ craftsman’s foundry.

Guided by a profound love for nature and together with spiritual inclination towards the Beautiful, he tried at a very young age to catch every opportunity to express himself, his being through small artifacts, paintings, drawings and engravings. His city saw early on that he participated in all the different artistic initiatives.

In 1970 he went to the Netherlands where he remained for 6 years working as a laborer. Recounting that time he says;

I did ten thousand screws a day. A very monotonous work. The artistic aspect was sacrificed. It detached me from art. This sharpened my desire to see beautiful things.

In this period he met and got to know a jeweler who was also a sculptor. In this way he was given the possibility to use his spare time to create art together with the jeweler.

“I brought to Joop Falke some of the materials that were rejected at work, because they were over sized or had small defects.

From 1977 he has been and is at Loppiano, near Florence, where he still lives and works. Opened in 1982, “La Bottega Di Ciro”, is an artistic laboratory in the medieval style. You will find unusual combinations and you will rediscover the poetry that can be hidden inside a rusted old broken object, that when, rehabilitated, speaks of both the past and the present, of the nobility of human life even in its aspects that are the most humble and forgotten.

Since 1982 he has realised numerous exhibitions in Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium and Luxembourg. From 1991 he also has commissioned works of sacred furnishings and restorative environmental work, whether in Italy or outside. All over his artistic material has been appreciated for its sense of simplicity, beauty and humanity which communicates a reality which can appear to be forgotten and neglected.