Ciro uses materials of various kinds for his works: wood, iron, stone, fabric; however, discarded material, which he considers richer in life.

The material used is a deliberate and oriented choice: it’s intentionally not precious. Its value is hidden, and I seek to have the object narrate those humble stories that have not yet been told.
The great skill of the artist – as Raphael Vella, Maltese art critic, wrote about Roberto Cipollone – seems to be his ability to transform a discarded thing into small, ingenious, attractive treasures: Like a child, the artist playfully extracts simple mythologies from things that are commonly considered to be of no use.
Under the pseudonym Ciro, Roberto Cipollone ties his art-making to the Persian King, also known for respecting the customs and traditions of the populations under his rule.

It’s a name that expresses my attitude: respect towards the material used, towards its history, towards its innate aesthetic charge.

The Art of Ciro

by Gabriella Bairo Puccetti

The art of Ciro is an innocent art, corresponding to a poetic and astonishing everyday reality.

It is an articulation of ideas that express sensitive creative states through various combinations of wooden fragments: humble, essential elements, delicately colored by time, naturally or through participatory interventions provoked by functional needs.

Perspective structures with optical effects of twisted fiber, depicting houses, castles, landscapes, animals, various objects; all stemming from perceptual stimuli alien to any rhetoric, favoring their own communication in a language of precious taste, uplifting.

Works without lateral perimeters, paintings without paint, anti-form shapes whose meanings allude to sought beauty, to the contemplation of the object, more than to the recovery of it for placement in a new context in order to create new relationships.

The skillful combinations of those remnants of objects trying to relive by playing a new role express the highest senses that accompany this author’s journey; they are the symptom of a “richness,” a challenge and rejection of the material goods of the world, an ethical approach that exalts the sense of life and the events that compose it.

The implicit symbologies in the formulation of the multiple experiments – poverty, humility, space, contemplation, life – are the mysterious signals of the enchanting source to which Ciro feeds his spirit.

La Bottega di Ciro

Via Montelfi, 8
50064 – Loc. Loppiano
Incisa in Val d’Arno
Firenze – Italia
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